International cargo transportation by road transport

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TEMPRA international logistics company provides with full range of goods delivery services by road transport and do transportations of light cargoes, complete cargoes, consolidated cargoes, oversized cargoes, and dangerous cargoes. 

All vehicles are equipped with mobile communication and Satellite Vehicle Tracking System that allows

anytime Inform clients about his cargoes location. Our staff is experts in the field of cargoes transportations; they take training courses and annually reaffirm their qualifications.

Over the years, our company established itself as a reliable partner, acquired considerable experience in the field of cargoes transportation, which allows us to solve the challenges quickly and professionally.

We provide an individual approach to each client, offering a high quality service, reasonable prices and guaranty of your cargoes delivery within required timeframe.

The main priority of our work is long-term cooperation with our partners and providing maximum quality of transport services.

We invite you to try the advantages of working with our company.

Right chosen partner is a guarantee of a secure and stable development of your business.

TEMPRA international logistics company carries cargoes through the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and another.

General cargoes transportation

We have vehicles with carrying capacity up to 20 tons and up to 120m3 (with all kinds of loadings), which correspond to all national and international regulations and standards in the field of environment and security, including "Euro-3" standard . For goods transportation such as metal, metal products, industrial materials, undangerous chemical materials etc, which do not require specific transportation conditions.

Perishable goods transportation

Provide specialized transport are refrigerators (vehicles with refrigerating equipment)  which support necessary temperature conditions for transportations of perishable goods such as meat, meat products, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, preserves and more.

Transportation of oversized goods (bulky goods)

Provide specialized transport (trawls) with necessary permissions for bulky goods transportations, such as tractors, combine harvesters, boats, and other cargoes which cannot be carried by trucks with standard sizes.

Consolidated cargoes transportation

Provide transport for carriage of consolidated cargoes. Consolidated cargoes transportation can significantly save transportation costs of goods with small quantity, optimize transport movement, avoiding idle run and inefficient using of rolling stock. Standard trucks, refrigerators, isotherms, light vehicles are used for consolidated cargoes deliveries. Even a small cargo which requires a certain temperature will be delivered by required vehicle in a proper form.

Loose goods (bulk cargo) transportation

Provide with specialized trucks (dump trucks) for transportation of bulk cargo. This vehicle type is one of the most popular. Due to frequent use in construction, agriculture, mining and chemical industries. Transportation of such materials requires precision and professional approach.

Liquid cargo transportations

Provide specialized transport (tank) for liquid cargoes transportation. Liquid cargoes subdivide as: chemical, food, neutral, dangerous. Food goods are carried in accordance with the sanitary-epidemiological requirements by tanks that passed sanitary control. Chemical cargoes are transported by tanks which support required temperature of cargoes transportation.

Dangerous goods transportation

Provide specialized transport with necessary permissions for dangerous goods delivery. Dangerous goods transportation is carried out in accordance with the European Agreement of International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). We used vehicles that meet all requirements of ADR for dangerous products transportation. Some of dangerous goods transportation has special requirements, which make drivers to have appropriate special clothing, which include helmet, goggles and boots.