International cargo transportation by road transport

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Who we are?

TEMPRA logistics team

We are team of professionals in cargoes transportation field who loving logistics wholeheartedly. And understand the value of quality at every stage of transportation process. We confirm our level of competence at internal corporate periodic exams. We provide our services on territories of: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, England, Turkey , Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.


  • Our team started our activity in Dnipro city, Ukraine. Our first transportation was from Dnipro city, Ukraine to Italy.

  • Opening of our new office in Warsaw, Poland

  • Today range of our transportation services is become wider. We transport almost all types of goods by road to all Europe countries and some Asia countries.


Our team is fast grooving companies group with ambitious goals and strategy to build long-term and effective cooperation with our partners. You are welcomed for co-operation.

The right chosen partner today gives you a safe and profitable tomorrow.

Our specialsts

Nadegda Anisimova

Logistic manager

Fedor Balakin

Logistic manager

Lida Emelyanova

Logistic manager


  • Diverse and rich experience

    Give possibility to organise effective logistics schemes well on time

  • Higher-order ideological considerations

    The task of our company is to provide with such a level of service which give our Customer to get a desire to advise our company to friends.

  • Everyday practice shows

    Main thing is to get Client what he want


Very responsible, provide with trucks on time. well qualified and experienced employees. Nice to talk and solve work issues! Hope to continue cooperation. I wish you success and prosperity!

Konstantin Egorov